Hello again :)

I am a San Francisco based product designer, working on reimagining the healthcare ecosystem. I am inspired by mission-driven founders and have helped companies get into Y-Combinator, launch MVPs, raise funding, and secure million-dollar business deals. My work has helped save lives.

A scientist turned medical illustrator turned product designer, I can distill complex medical and technical information for patients and a wide range of stakeholders within the healthcare value chain. With the human element at the core, I build and launch design systems, formalize design operations for scaling design teams. I relentlessly advocate for empathy-driven user experiences — on and off the screen.

Applying the principles of values-driven leadership, I foster design cultures where effective and applicable changes can emerge. I enjoy building consensus; moving between product design, product management, and engineering to balance technological feasibility and business constraints to craft a meaningful human experience.

Outside of the digital world, you can find me throwing clay in a pottery class, hiking with my dog , or globe trotting.