Hello again.

I am a digital product designer in the healthcare space. As a scientist turned medical illustrator turned designer, I distill complex medical and technical information into usable and understandable products for a wide range of audience and users.

I strive to create profound and meaningful solutions that put the human element at the core. I believe effective and applicable changes can emerge by focusing on the user, and I've been fortunate to be able to connect the dots in my past for this purpose.

Currently, I am especially interested in improving healthcare for low-income population, increasing access to mental health care, exploring personalized medicine, and promoting public accessibility of scientific research and medical knowledge. To this end, I'm working on a product to help underserved and at-risk populations manage their chronic conditions. Send me a note if you'd like to bounce ideas or collaborate!

When not facing a screen, I enjoy reading non-technical books, trying DIY projects, staring into the ocean, swimming, hiking, and especially traveling (inspirations galore!).