Low-poly illustration of a brain


The process for illustration is not too different from that of design. Many projects require me to research, communicate and collaborate with domain experts, sketch, revise, iterate, and deliver the final product. As a professionally trained medical illustrator, I am able to communicate with clients and stakeholders more effectively due to my familiarity with medical and scientific topics. Below are some of my work.

Low-poly brain and heart

This was an experiment with creating low-poly illustrations and typography in Adobe Illustrator. Both are based on 3D models I've created in the past.

Low-poly illustration of a brain
Low-poly illustration of a heart

3D Biomedical Still Life

I modeled the vertebrae, flask, surgical tool (aortic clamp), and the heart from scratch. The liver was 3D scanned, and the hip bones were extracted from a CT scan from OsiriX; both were cleaned up and retopologized. I created all texture, lights, and composition for the final still life render.

3D models of various biomedical objects

3D Publication Covers

These are mock covers. The "genetic brain" artwork was featured in a Science Magazine article, and the "purple brain" became the cover for a 3-volume encyclopedia on Brain Mapping.

A mock journal cover showing a brain and genetic code
3D model of a brain for Brain Mapping

3D neuron sketches

These sketches were used to pitch for the illustration used on the global GAAIN website, and also led to a short interstitial animation.

3D neurons in a dark environment

3D neurons in a light environment


This illustration shows a comprehensive comparison between chemical and electrical synapses.

Textbook illustration of different kinds of synapses

Illustration of a chemical synapse

Pressure Ulcers

This illustration shows the pathological process of pressure ulcers, along with infographic on the prevalence and common occurrence sites of the disease.

Illustration and infographic for Pressure Ulcers

Skin tissue landscape study
Pressure ulcer pencil study

World Cancer Data Visualization

A visualization of worldwide cancer statistics in different regions.
View a high-resolution version in PDF.

World cancer data visualization

Line Illustrations

Here are some of the more simple illustrations using mainly line work.

First Derm Online DermatologyIllustration used for coach mark in FirstDerm's mobile app.

FirstHUD illustrationsIllustration series used for coach mark animation in FirstHUD's mobile app and a sticker art for the device.

Dermatome Chart

Ligaments of the Knee
Pen-and-ink. Ligaments of the Knee Joint

Illustration depicting dyslexia in children
Longitudinal study of dyslexia in pre-school to 11-year-old children

Double de-identification of patient's data
Double de-identification of patient's data for Enroll-HD